core features
Our Work

we spoke with over 50 photographers to finalise the camera's core features.

Understands its environment
Powered by hardware-accelerated artificial intelligence, our camera will be trained to understand the basic principles of photography by professionals. It will intuitively understands the context of a scene ensuring every image is captured exactly as the photographer intends, with no details lost or moments missed. It will use artificial intelligence and computational techniques to give the photographer as much control as possible over their creative process.
Quality is everything
Our camera will couple cutting-edge computational techniques with professional-quality optical systems, bringing the best aspects of DSLR, mirrorless and smartphone cameras together. Featuring an interchangeable lens system and professional-grade sensors alongside a powerful modern processor with cutting-edge AI hardware acceleration, our camera will take photography into the 21st century and produce images with unprecedented quality.
Re-imagining photography
By bringing artificial intelligence on camera in real-time, our camera will challenge the meaning of photography in the 21st century and will question the relationship between a photographer and their technology. Our camera will give photographers new capabilities to express themselves and create captivating images, augmenting and enhancing the artistry and individuality of a photographer rather than attempting to replace it.
join us
The future of photography is computation. If you want to challenge and change that future, please join us on our journey.