about us
we’re a group of creative technologists who are building a device made for modern photography.

our mission

The professional digital camera industry has done a very poor job of supplying a suitable product for the demand in digital photography. A lack of significant innovation in professional digital cameras over the decades has failed to meet the needs of modern photographers. We are reimagining the camera as a computer designed from the ground up for modern photography.


our story

Photogram is a computational photography startup specialising in ai-accelerated hardware and software for photography. We were founded on Entrepreneur First LD12 Cohort in June 2019 and have now incubated at UCL Innovation & Enterprise in London.


our services

Imagine a standalone device that combines the cutting-edge computational techniques that are beginning to be used on smartphones with an interchangeable lens system and a professional-grade image sensor similar to those found on modern mirrorless or DSLR cameras.

We are reimagining the camera as a computer designed from the ground up for modern photography, with professional optical systems working in combination with cutting-edge AI-accelerated hardware.
We will leverage deep learning and computer vision algorithms. We're planning to open up the software that powers the camera, giving users access to the code that runs when they press the shutter button and allowing them to deeply modify and customise their cameras.
Our device will be small and sleek like a smartphone but will have an interchangeable lens system. and modernised user interfaces
Our aim is to build an engaged community by encouraging participation and contribution.
join us
The future of photography is computation. If you want to challenge and change that future, please join us on our journey.