imagine if a dslr and a smartphone had a baby
What we believe in
we want to empower creatives with technology

who we are

We are Photogram, a computational photography startup based in London. We specialise in ai-accelerated hardware and software for modern photography.

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what we do

We were founded on the Entrepreneur First London 12 Cohort with the mission to empower creatives with technology. We are now at the UCL Innovation & Enterprise incubator at BaseKX in King's Cross, London.

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company news

Our Solution to Photography's new existential crisis

24th June, 2019

It seems to us that the photographic art form is in the midst of a major existential crisis, similar in scale to the one that occurred when digital replaced film, with computational photography and artificial intelligence grinding traditional photographic norms into dust. The major camera companies are at risk of repeating the famous mistakes of Kodak by not reacting fast enough to the rise of this new technology.

We've joined UCL Innovation & Enterprise's Incubator

7th August, 2019

Super happy to announce that was accepted on the UCL Innovation & Enterprise's Hatchery Incubator! BaseKX in the King’s Cross Tech Hub is now our new home! We’re fortunate and privileged to develop and test our ideas within UCL's ecosystem.

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The future of photography is computation. If you want to challenge and change that future, please join us on our journey.